Insight into the world of digital assistants

You are interested in learning more about virtual assistants and speech applications? More precisely in obtaining a profound overview over the field as well as information about the recent market data? We would like to give you an insight on the technology, current possibilities and the best-practice-approach for your company.

Identification of relevant Use Cases

In our Discovery-Phase we cooperatively identify the potential of the voice application for your company. Along the customer journey we develop relevant Use Cases and test concepts through our prototyping. Based on that knowledge we develop strategies and roadmaps for an expedient language experience.

Dialog model for expedient language experiences

In order to find the right speech outcome for your application, we identify the potential of voice applications for your company, develop relevant Use Cases and create speech models. Your application then will be developed from the modeled dialogues which furthermore will be continuously optimized. Additionally, we support you during the process of programming and coding as well as development of the Voice User Interface (VUI).

Range creation and market exploitation

Creating a wide reach for your application in the chosen platform is our area of expertise. With our knowledge and proficiency, we show you how to advertise your application suitable bearing the chosen target group in mind. In addition to the range creation, we also support you and your application within possible marketing opportunities and scenarios.

Voice App Optimization
Enhancement of the human-machine interaction

Based on the previous evaluation it is possible to optimize the procedures of the voice application. Moreover, the Voice-App continuously acquires more performance capacity through the interaction with the user. This allows the system, of expectations and the user’s behavior, to constantly evolve dynamically.

Work with us.

You would like make use of our assistance or send us a non-binding request of what we can do for your company? In that case please fill out the contact form and we will get in touch with you right away. In order to react to your request, we have to process and save your data. Below you will find the information regarding the data protection and right of revocation: Privacy Policy.

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