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Recommended Alexa agency

Beyto is an agency for Alexa skills that has been recommended by Amazon. This is a notable distinction and speaks to our first-class reputation.

Alexa Champion 2020

Daniel Mittendorf has been awarded the title of Alexa Champion in 2020. He is one of only four professionals in Germany who hold this title.

International success

Our own Alexa skills are ranked in the Top-10-lists around the world. Our Samsung-Bixby-Capsules have received awards on three occasions.

Monetizing voice

You are looking to sell products or digital content using smart assistants? No problem! Thanks to our experience with ISP and Amazon/Google Pay we can assist you with valuable expert knowledge.

Selected clients


Customized Consulting is our key to success

We discuss with you how your business or brand can best be given the voice treatment. Which use cases are relevant for your users? How does your brand sound? We start by highlighting what makes voice so unique.


Agile developments with MVP

Thanks to agile development, we are able to quickly deliver a first MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to you. A first prototype can be created very quickly thanks to modern tools such as Voiceflow or Adobe CD. After taking this step, we can fine-tune and develop your voice application.


Support of all voice devices

Voice is more than just language: It’s beyond touch. Images, video or gestures can be just as important. Voice assistants can be found across a number of devices. We cover the whole service range and support you in finding the right focus for you.


Become a voice pioneer

Thanks to professional support during, throughout and after the development of your skill, you are able to fully profit from all the benefits voice has to offer. When it comes to voice assistants, it is vital to make the application come to life, to keep an eye on it and continually develop it. We are a partner you can rely on!

Development of skills, capsules and actions

We have experience in implementing Amazon Alexa Skills, Google Actions and Bixby Capsules since 2017 – which makes us voice pioneers from day one. We have completed over 40 Skills, Actions and Capsules, in Germany, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia or France, among others. In addition, we can point to international projects and our expertise regarding globally and locally adapted skills. Our skills have garnered hundreds of favorable reviews. The most successful skill generated over 400 reviews internationally and has reached a remarkable rating of 4.3 stars in Germany. All over the world, millions of users have used our skills in the past years, which makes us one of the most successful and experienced voice agencies in Germany. Our innovative ideas, our process and our results speak for us and will surely convince you!

Introducing the world of smart assistants

You are interested in virtual assistants and voice applications and want to receive a well-researched overview of the latest development as well as the most recent market data? We can provide you with deep insights into technology, the latest possibilities and the initial best practice approaches for your business.

Identifying relevant use cases

We will join you in your discovery phase and identify opportunities as well as potential uses of voice applications for your business, navigating the customer journey. We design relevant use cases and test concepts by providing prototypes rapidly. From there, we develop strategies and roadmaps for productive language experience.

Productive voice results for your applications

We identify potential voice applications, define relevant use cases while navigating the customer journey and create voice models which quickly deliver the desired output. Starting with model dialogues, we develop your applications, which are then continuously improved. We support you with programming and the voice user interface (VUI).

Generating reach & marketing your applications

We consider ourselves experts in generating reach for your applications on the respective platforms. We will show you interesting marketing opportunities and will help put your application into the focus of your target audience. In addition, we support you with possible marketing scenarios within your applications.

Analysis & Optimization
Analysis and Optimization of the human-machine-interaction

Based on the analyses, we can find methods for iteratively optimizing your voice applications. In addition, a voice app continuously learns through the interaction with users and the performance of smart assistants is rapidly growing, which means that expectations and user patterns are continually changing. This is what a voice application should react to.

Work with us.

Would you like to take advantage of our assistance or get information without obligation on what we can do for your business? Please fill out the contact sheet. We will be in touch shortly. To be able to process your request, we have to process and store your data. Further information on privacy protection and our disclaimer can be found here.

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    Brands are now at a point where they need to integrate voice into their overall strategy.


    If I were coming out of college or an investor, I would be trying to figure out a million different ways to get into the voice ecosystem.


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