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Beyond touch: Beyto is a Berlin-based digital agency that was founded in 2009, with an expertise in the field of voice and conversational Al. As a full-service agency, Beyto offers a broad range of services which include strategic consulting as well as creating and developing unique models of interaction. In addition, Beyto provides the implementations of these technical applications as well as services such as marketing and analysis. Clients and consultants profit from the expertise of the Beyto team. Daniel Mittendorf, a renowned full professional, is responsible for the technical area: The voice pioneer of the first hour is one of only four German Alexa Champions and has already developed numerous successful and award-winning voice applications – Amazon Alexa Skills as well as Bixby Capsules and Google Actions. The Beyto team share this vision: significantly developing the voice market in the German-speaking region. That is why Beyto continuously invests in market research such as the Beyto Smart Speaker Survey 2020 and strives to deliver deeper insight into the rapidly growing market sector of voice-operated assistants.

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Daniel Mittendorf

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On request, we can provide media professionals with a variety of information on our agency, its full-service-offers as well as market-research projects. For media-coverage, we are glad to provide high-resolution files.

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